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1000w Home Inveter
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Barbed Wire (800m) 50kg x 2mm price 89.99

Barbed Wire (800m) 50kg x 2mm

800m of razor-sharp barbed wire (50kg x 2mm) secures your Zimbabwe property for only $89.99! Keeps out intruders, controls livestock, built to last.

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Golden Crop Ox Drawn Plough

Ox Drawn Plough

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Pick Head 3kg Harare Zimbabwe

Pick Head 3kg

Wide head, big bite! This 3kg steel pick head conquers Zimbabwe’s toughest rocks. Tackle any job, from construction to fields – only $12.99!

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Razor wire Harare Zimbabwe

Razor Wire

Sharp teeth, strong bite! Secure your Zimbabwe property with 10m of razor-sharp wire. Easy install, maximum security – only $28!

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Steel Shovels zimbabwe harare

Steel Shovels

Golden Crop Plough: Power through tough Zimbabwean fields! This ox/cow/donkey hero conquers hard soil, trash, & stumps. Lightweight, strong, & versatile for all crops – only $99!

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